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Andrea Orlandi e Michele Dalmasso


Before becoming colleagues, we started off as friends who shared a mutual passion for studying osteopathy.

We met in September of 2001 at the Istituto Superiore di Osteopatia (ISO) in Milan, Italy. Throughout the years, we grew together both professionally and academically, driven by a common approach in treating our patients and in teaching osteopathy at Osteopathic Schools. We call this our “DO Osteopathic Method”.

Our educational background molded our current belief system. We are two osteopaths who strongly believe in the importance of an excellent osteopathic education, one that is rooted in theoretical and practical knowledge, but also on fostering curiosity in an effort to improve ourselves and deepen our knowledge in our field.

Our goal is to give the highest level of professional osteopathic care in our clinical practice. We hold ourselves to a similar standard of excellence in our role as teachers.

We both had a great professional experience at the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) in the USA, one of the biggest osteopathic schools in the country. Our time at LECOM gave us the chance to advance our knowledge of human anatomy (both in theory and in practice, considering the hands-on experience in human anatomy labs), hone our patient evaluation skills, as well as develop our very own standard for a specific and effective osteopathic treatment.

We are proud to announce that we published with LECOM the first e-book on osteopathic techniques entitled "Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment and Functional Anatomy of the Cervical Spine: An International Approach" however we don’t plan to stop here. We are curious and motivated with a strong desire to keep improving how we practice osteopathy. We are certain that our quest for knowledge will never come to an end.

Below is a translation from the Italian poet Silvio Pellico, representing our way of thinking:

Everything that you learn, apply it in practice as profoundly as you can.

Trivial studies very often creates mediocre and arrogant men.

"You begin with anatomy and you end with anatomy,
a knowledge of anatomy is all you want or need."

A.T. Still

"L'osteopatia è anatomia, ancora anatomia, sempre anatomia."

A.T. Still


Happy Clients

Osteopathy DO

Who we are

Andrea Orlandi e Michele Dalmasso


Michele Dalmasso

I am a highly qualified osteopath with international experience. I strongly believe in professional development through continuous self-growth and discipline during my daily clinical practice: I view each patient in clinic as a challenge where the best treatment approach that I give him or her is a win.

Apart from my clinical practice, my passion is teaching osteopathy with the same enthusiasm that I have in my profession. I like travelling, especially to the seaside. 

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Andrea Orlandi

I am a highly qualified osteopath, with international training and experience. I strongly believe in self-growth and I am constantly advancing my knowledge in the field by keeping up with the latest scientific researches and the most effective treatment methods. I apply these aspects during my daily clinical practice where I strive to find the best treatment for each of my patients to best improve their musculo-skeletal condition. My goal is that by offering very good care to my patients, they leave with tremendous satisfaction.

In addition to my daily clinical activity, I teach osteopathic subjects, conveying the know-how and the passion which I always apply in my practice. In my spare time, I play many sports (football, running, tennis, skiing and swimming) and this allows me to better understand the needs of my patients who practice sports and seek care due to sports related injuries. I love cooking and outdoor photography, my two great passions.

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Osteopathy DO


Andrea Orlandi e Michele Dalmasso

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  1. There are two elements that join us: our passion for osteopathy and the friendship born during the years dedicated to our professional education. While attending the Istituto Superiore di Osteopatia (ISO) in Milan, we enroll at the University of Wales, a five-year full-time course with compulsory attendance and three-year clinical apprenticeship. In 2006, with determination and passion, we earn the degree as professional osteopaths.

    Our years at the university give us a comprehensive theoretical, practical  and clinical approach to the study of osteopathy allowing us to gradually develop our own personal innovative vision and method of the osteopathic practice. It is during these years that our DO Osteopathic Method is born.

  2. Between the years of 2006-2007 we hone our skills in the USA. At the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) and at the associated Erie university Hospital, the Millweek Community Hospital, we have the great chance to follow Dr John Ferretti and Dr Silvia Ferretti during their daily clinical and hospital practice. From them we acquire knowledge and clinical expertise regarding the proper evaluation of a patient, important set of skills that to this day remain with us as we continue to progress in our osteopathic practice.

    Our time in the USA also afforded us the opportunity to experience the US health system which is different from the Italian one.

    Interestingly, in the USA, osteopaths work inside the hospitals to treat the postural aspect of the patients having pathologies from the different wards. For example, bed-rest patients in the post-operative period in the USA are actually treated with specific osteopathic techniques in order to help improve their health condition.

  3. In 2008, after having started our osteopathic practice in Italy, we decide to further continue our studies. Focusing on anatomy and associated osteopathic evaluations, we study in the anatomy lab of the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM), under the precious mentorship of the anatomy specialist Prof. Randy Kulesza.

    This allows us to considerably improve our knowledge of human anatomy, helping us to fully understand what “we handle in our hands when treating a patient".

    For this reason, we strongly believe that a deep knowledge of human anatomy and musculo-skeletal pathology is fundamental for a precise, adequate and effective osteopathic treatment.

  4. Throughout the years, we never stop thinking about ways to advance our professional updating and development, as we are convinced that this is fundamental for our practice.

    In September 2007 we join the teaching and clinical supervisory staff of the International College of Osteopathic Medicine (ICOM) in Milan.

    In 2009 we spend a week at the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine to follow a course that further enhance our osteopathic know-how and to actively follow the daily activities of the University's clinic.

    In 2010 we earn the Master in Osteopathy, a two-year educational program for osteopath graduates, from the Bicocca University in Milan. This allows us to further increase our knowledge of osteopathy, focusing on osteopathic subjects and neuro-muscular-skeletal medical aspects.

    In 2012 we become lecturers at the Accademia Italiana di Medicina Osteopatica (AIMO) lecturing on “Osteopathic Principles” and “Specific Osteopathic Techniques”. Along with the teaching role, we become clinical supervisors at the Osteopathic Training and Apprenticeship Centre of the Academy.

  5. In 2012, Dr Silvia Ferretti, Provost, Senior Vice President and Dean of Academic affairs of the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM), invite us to be participants at the Peak and Peek “Primary Care” congress. Our presentation at the conference is entitled “ Evaluation and osteopathic treatment of postural scoliosis”.

    During this occasion, we are asked by LECOM to work along the staff on a modern and innovative project in the osteopathic field: it consists in the creation of an e-book with the title “Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment and Functional Anatomy of the Cervical Spine: an International approach”. The e-book focuses on osteopathic techniques for the cervical spine, with anatomic descriptions, illustrations, 85 HD video clips and detailed explanations of the techniques.

    From May 2014 the e-book is currently available on Apple iBooks Store.

  6. We present our ebook "OMT and Functional Anatomy of the Cervical Spine: An International Approach" at the congress "Primary Care" in Peek and Peak, Pennsylvania-USA and in Louisville-Kentucky-USA at the important Convocation 2015 of the American Academy of Osteopathy, the most important american organization for American DO practicing manual hands-on osteopathy. Furthermore we join the faculty of the Akademia Osteopatii, osteopathic school in Poland, for teaching osteopathic seminars.

"When all parts of the human body are in line we have health.
When they are not the effect is disease.
To cure disease the abnormal parts must be adjusted to the normal.

A.T. Still

Quando tutte le parti del corpo umano sono armoniche, abbiamo una salute perfetta. Quando non lo sono, l’effetto è la malattia.

Quando le parti vengono risistemate, la malattia cede il posto alla salute.

Osteopathy DO

Our Services

Andrea Orlandi e Michele Dalmasso


Through our DO OSTEOPATHIC METHOD, we offer expert advices and osteopathic sessions using a highly personal and specific configuration for each treatment.

Our clinical daily practice covers the treatment of muscular-skeletal disorders (both acute and chronic) in the absence of any anatomic tissue injury in the painful area (e.g. bone fractures, ligament injuries, etc.). We treat patients of all ages and extensively evaluate each patient’s health and lifestyle history, considering specific indications and possible contra-indications, absolute and relative.

Statistically, the main muscular-skeletal conditions for which patients require an osteopathic treatment are:

  • neck pain, back pain, low back pain (acute and chronic).
  • spine osteoarthritis.
  • herniated intervertebral disc (bulgin, derangement, slipped disc).
  • sciatica.
  • peripheral joints musculo-skeletal disorders: shoulder (impingement syndrome, tendinitis, adhesive capsulitis-frozen shoulder), elbow (lateral epicondylitis, medial epicondylitis), wrist (tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome), hip (bursitis, osteoarthritis), knee (tendinitis, ilio-tibial band syndrome), foot (Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis).
  • muscle pains in sports (groin syndrome, ilio-tibilal band syndrome).
  • tension type headache (muscle tension).
  • musculoskeletal pain resulting from a whiplash injury.
  • muscle pain in the mandibular region (for example caused by bruxism).
  • postural imbalances.

"To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease"

A.T. Still

"L'obiettivo dell'osteopata deve essere quello di trovare la salute. Tutti sono capaci di trovare la malattia"

A.T. Still

Osteopathy DO


Andrea Orlandi e Michele Dalmasso

After many years of study and professional practice, we are proud to announce that in collaboration with the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM), we wrote an e-book on osteopathic techniques for the treatment of the cervical spine. The ebook is entitled: "Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment of the Cervical Spine: An International Approach".

Our book is aimed at spreading the osteopathic know-how and can be read both by university students as well as by those who wish to increase their knowledge in the field.

Our rationale in the creation of an e-book as opposed to a classically printed book was greater accessibility. A digital e-book can be easily read by everybody and allows immediate link and video sharing.

The e-book has a detailed description of the cervical anatomy and is supported by illustrations. As well, the e-book contains 85HD video-clip tutorials showing various osteopathic techniques with detailed explanations of all the important facets of each technique.

We are proud to announce that this is the first project of its kind in the osteopathic field. Our hope is that the creation of such an e-book will be of great use to future students of osteopathic medicine and we like to think that we have succeeded in creating an e-book that we as students would have liked to study with. 


Download our eBook

"OMT and Functional Anatomy of the Cervical Spine: An International Approach"

Scarica il nostro eBook

"Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment and Functional Anatomy of the Cervical Spine: An International Approach"

Osteopathy DO


Andrea Orlandi e Michele Dalmasso


"Structure rules function and viceversa: structure and function are interrelated"

A.T. Still

"La struttura governa la funzione e viceversa: la struttura e la funzione sono in relazione reciproca"

A.T. Still

Osteopathy DO


Andrea Orlandi e Michele Dalmasso

For further information please contact us at:

We receive by appointment in our private practices: 

Andrea Orlandi 

Michele Dalmasso



We strongly believe in creating a network between peers in the osteopathic field. For this reason, we are willing to consider professional partnerships with other practices. Upon request, we bring our professional experience in health care facilities in Italy and abroad and participate to conferences and workshops.

In 2014, we concluded an innovative and up-to-date project in the osteopathic field: the creation of an ebook titled “ Osteopathic Manipulative Tretament an Functional Anatomy of the Cervical Spine: an International approach”.

The book describes osteopathic techniques for the cervical spine: it consists of anatomical descriptions and illustrations, 85 HD video clips and detailed explanations of the techniques. It is possible to buy the ebook by downloading it from the Apple iBooks Store. 

Download the ebook

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